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I’m proud to announce I’m a 2020 #WriteMentor Summer Programme Mentor. Woop!

image description: A logo. To the left 4 cartoon hands grasp hold of each other. It reads WriteMentor. Part of the W is made up of a yellow pencil.

I love writing twitter. It’s a space to ask for advice, share ideas and opportunities, celebrate and commiserate. I’ve met amazing people through it, and it’s helped me so much.

I’ve had an incredible roller-coaster of a writing ride recently which includes being a WriteNow mentee with Penguin, being commissioned to write a story for Puffin’s 80th birthday anthology, and securing an agent in the phenomenal Molly Ker-Hawn, director of The Bent Agency.

I couldn’t have done this without the support of writing friends and the online community, so it’s time to give something back.

One thing that I’ve got so much from is #WriteMentor, which is especially for PB (picture book), CB (chapter book), MG (middle grade) and YA (young adult) authors. Their newsletters are just ludicrously helpful, and like having an email hug, which, quite frankly, we could all do with sometimes. Check out their website and sign up to their newsletter HERE.

I will be a mentor on the 2020 #WriteMentor summer programme. Read more about it HERE.

Here’s a little bit more about me and what I’m offering so you can see if we’d be a match:

I do stuff with words. I am a disabled writer, activist, poet, spoken word performer, actor, theatre maker and creative practitioner. I am an award winning poet and one of Penguin Random House UK’s WriteNow mentees for my children’s novel. I was awarded the 2019 Early Careers Residency for Literature at Cove Park by the Fenton Trust, and I’m on the TSS Publishing list of Best British & Irish Flash Fiction 2018-2019. I deliver passionate spoken word pieces which spiral out from the personal to the universal. I use my platform as a performer, writer and theatre-maker to make the invisible visible. I have a masters degree in Youth Work & Community Development, and a professional qualification in youth work. I specialise in working with underrepresented and marginalised groups, believing that arts should be accessible to all. I am represented by Molly Ker Hawn of The Bent Agency.

You can find out more by having an amble through my website…

What I will mentor:

Middle Grade fiction

Specific genres: contemporary, thriller, mystery, dystopian, humour/funny, magical realism and action/adventure

What I’d love to work on and who I’d love to work with:

I’d be best suited and love to work on something character driven with heart. Magical realism/adventure twist. Thrilling plot but character led. Rollicking adventure. Friendship. A book to change the world and hearts, one reader at a time. Lyrical, beautiful writing.

I am disabled. I would love to mentor a writer who identifies as disabled/with mental health issues/chronically ill – however they choose the words to identify.

What I’m offering:

A submission/partial package.

This means I’ll work with you on getting your MS (manuscript) ready to go out on submission to agents.

We’ll work on synopsis, cover letter and first 50 pages/10k words/7 chapters depending on agent requirements. We can also look at how to research which agent it right for YOU.

We’ll work via email, though if this is an access issue, we’ll find another way.

You’ll need to have a full MS as sparkly and polished as you can possibly make it.

I work full-time as a writer and freelancer, and I’m also disabled and have to pace. We’ll work out together how often we communicate to make it a brilliant experience for both of us, that works for us and our bodies.

Please don’t contact me directly about this, it’s all in the hands of Stuart over at #WriteMentor. Apply here and I can’t wait to work with you.



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