Nice Things People Have Said About Me

The following are lovely things people have said, following on from wordy workshops I’ve delivered. I’ll begin with my absolute personal favourite:

I arrived half an hour late, and the remaining one and a half hours made me feel PARTICULARLY sorry that I did. Thank you.

“Inspirational and innovative with a variety of prompts which really captured my imagination. I loved the diverse teaching and learning styles too and the pace of the sessions which didn’t allow for ‘stage fright’ or writer’s block. I loved the friendly nature of the sessions too and the poems you read aloud. When will you be doing more workshops and do you offer mentoring?”

“Lisette has a wonderful way of encouraging new writers with a gentle and accessible wordy way, as well as offering inspiration, food for thought and rekindling of imagination for more experienced writers.”

First time to an event like this. Thank you for the enlightenment. Super knowledgeable, super woman. Very much enjoyed.

“Always like learning something new. Just when you thought you knew it all!”

10 poets sitting around tables, all writing.
photo description: 10 poets sitting around tables, all writing.

“I had no idea what I was coming in to. But loved it! Felt really at home and left leaving inspired. Thank you.”

I’ve never written more material in a workshop!

“Buzzing with ideas, new ways to write. Removed my current block – yes! Yes! Yes! Thanks master!!”

Unique, challenging, inspiring.

“A high energy session. Thank you Lisette for leaving me buzzing!”

“Fun, challenging, very different (in a good way!). Very friendly and inclusive.”

“Lisette is fun to be around. She sets interesting tasks. She makes us write – something scary when you’re a writer. I wrote loads.”


“Providing a wealth of wordy wonderment… Time goes so quickly.”

14 poets around a table, all writing and giggling.
photo description: 14 poets around a table, all writing and giggling.


“I enjoyed the poetry workshop, tutor very nice (Lisette) and friendly. Warm-hearted. I will come again! THANK YOU!”

“Warmly encouraging. Didn’t pressure individuals. So many pointers. Thank you.”

“Such a great range of techniques for generating writing, getting going, keeping going, having fun. Thanks Lisette.”

“Really enjoyed the energy of your presentation and the ideas useful and creative, look forward to using them. And fun. Thanks.”

Freewheeling. Where did these thoughts come from? Wow. I was surprised I could do that.


12 people sitting around a table in a library, all writing. So busy we had to pull out the emergency table!
photo description: 12 people sitting around a table in a library, all writing. So busy we had to pull out the emergency table!

“Love the encouragement to free write then pick out the good stuff. Works for me!”

Super workshop Lisette. Truly inspirational. Genre-busting!

“Fun and informative. Hard work but provided good ‘tools’ and ideas to inspire future writing.”

“I really enjoyed extending my writing, completing exercises that made me combine words in a different way. Thank you.”

“I’m going to write a poem to the House of Commons, shaming them for allowing such terrible things to happen to our people. A very thought provoking session. Thanks.”

“Nothing like what I expected, a lovely dive into unchartered territory in my own mind and valuable group participation. A relaxing and informative way to spend an evening.”

Lisette is ace. Woop for poetry!!


15 poets are sitting around tables, all of them are writing.
photo description: 15 poets are sitting around tables, all of them are writing.

“Extremely enjoyable. Thank you for the encouragement… and inspiration too!”

“Lisette delivers an interesting and stimulating workshop which should provide plenty of ideas for the future.”

Non-stop intensive work. Brain sapping. Ink spilling. Paper filling. List making. Word linking. Hours filling. The poetry workshop.

“Enjoyable, friendly, pressurised writing, but fun too. Easily would do another workshop as it was fun learning interesting and inspiring ideas.”

Lisette is friendly and approachable providing lots of encouragement and food for thought.

“Incredibly chilled session, inclusive and fun, all round great experience. Had fun learning and writing.”

This is what my awesome wordsmith and spoken word artist friend Sarah Crutwell has to say about me, and I rather like it, and her, a very big lot:

She’s the sista

Who cracks open disability labels, wide smile and huge heart,

Stomps boots on stage, talking about the years she spent

Overlooked in wheelchair.

Consett Academy thank you letter