The following are photographs of, or links to, newspaper articles, radio links, podcasts, and interviews – thank you to all the wonderful creatives and journalists who were kind enough to want to speak to me about my work.

Article in the Bookseller announcing my two book deal with Puffin for my middle grade novels.

WriteNow graduate Lisette Auton signs deal with Puffin - Puffin has acquired The Secret of Haven Point and one other book from Lisette Auton, a 2018 graduate of Penguin's WriteNow programme
screenshot description: headline from the Bookseller magazine. A photo of me looking wistful, wearing a dress with tigers on, my purple stick is hooked over the fence I’m leaning on. Text in Alt text for screenreaders.

Interview with MIMA – Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art about my work with them as a creative practitioner, the kapow moment that lead to everything coming together, and hopes and fears for the future while we’re in lockdown.

Review of Writing the Missing – A River Cycle, commissioned for Durham Book Festival.

Interview with NARC magazine on Words Weekend Festival –

Interview with author and poet Leslie Tate – “On our TVs, in our theatres, in our books, the world we see is not the world we live in… We work out our lives and histories through telling our stories, and all stories have a right to be told.”

Podcast interview with Henry Raby of York based SAY OWT – Lisette Auton is a poet an writer based in the North East. A disabled activist, she write about politics and solidarity. She chats with Henry in the Museum Gardens of York about making events more accessible, her novel The Wrecklings and we sing angry political songs.

Article about being chosen as a Write Now mentee by Penguin Random House UK – Over the next twelve months each writer will work closely with a Penguin Random House editor with expertise in their genre in order to develop their manuscript and get it ready for publication.

Article in the Darlington & Stockton Times about the project I’m working on with mima and Thirteen housing developing and encouraging creativity with those over 55. The photo is of me, not Isabella…

Article in the Northern Echo – ‘Follow your dreams, kids’ – Darlington author Lisette Auton picked by Penguin

Article in the Northern Echo – guest at the opening of a bus which has been transformed into a library

Article in NARC Magazine about the Crossing the Tees Book Festival for which I was Poet in Residence

Article on Consett Academy’s Website about the Defiant Voices Poetry Project where we worked with year 8 and 9 pupils

Article in the Northern Echo about the Crossing the Tees Book Festival for which I was Poet in Residence